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Valeria Ivacheva

Advocate of Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration Practices

Valeria Ivacheva is an advocate with more than 7 years of commercial litigation experience. Her key area of expertise is disputes arising from banking activity, including involving bailout procedures. She has frequently participated in construction-related and investment-related disputes. She demonstrated her bankruptcy litigation expertise and experience in a number of cases, in which she excelled in preventing unlawful withdrawals by the funneling of funds.

Valeria advises clients on a wide area of civil law matters. Her expertise is a highly effective combination of deep theoretical knowledge and a sound understanding of the practice.

In one of her cases, Valeria defended the interests of Russia’s largest cargo and passenger elevator enterprise in a series of proceedings with the Foundation for General Housing Reconstruction. The central issue in the case concentrated on a claim made by the Foundation, which demanded payment of an outstanding fine from our client. This demand was substantiated by the fact that our client had terminated the contract and incurred a penalty for that. However, the Foundation received more money than the amount of the fine, due to our client’s banking guarantee securing his obligation far beyond the fine. This put the Foundation in a position of unjust enrichment. Valeria successfully resolved the situation in the best interests of the client.

Valeria successfully represented the interests of the largest bank in Russia as part of litigation challenging a transaction. The dispute focused on the unlawful funneling of funds and the withdrawal of assets that circumvented Russian law and used a Kyrgyz law to try to cover it.

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