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Alexander Petrov

Advocate, Real Estate and Construction Practice

Alexander Petrov is an expert with more than 20 years of experience in corporate law and legal support for real estate and construction projects.

His experience covers a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Structuring of complex transactions related to the sale of businesses;
  • Support for transactions related to securities operations;
  • Support for transactions related to real estate and intellectual property;
  • Complex support for the parties to construction projects;
  • Organization of complex contractual relationships with tenants of shopping malls;
  • Defense of the business and its property against unlawful trespassing.

He supports projects related to transfer of titles for securities, safeguarding of minority shareholder rights, and implementation of the obligations of all parties to obligatory buy-back agreements.

Some of Alexander’s projects:

  • He defended the regional public organization “Russian Students Sailing League” against a corporate raid. As a result of his work, the organization’s property was restored, and preventive defense measures were implemented to safeguard the members of the organization against further attempts at a hostile takeover. Those in charge of the affair were prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced.
  • He provided complex support for the finalization of the investment project for the construction of the Raykin Plaza Mall. The project was implemented with all the interests of all the parties taken into account. The transaction was authorized by all the necessary authorities, implemented, and finalized.
  • He provided support for the structuring of the sale of rights to a historical mansion in Moscow’s city center, with shares in the different companies with highly complex ownership structures as the price. As a result of his work, all parties to the transaction were satisfied with rights transfer and settlement of accounts, and all the differences among them were settled by compromise.

Alexander is an educator and law-making enthusiast.

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