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The Annual Conference of the International Association of Procedural Law ended last Friday

The Annual Conference of the International Association of Procedural Law, a significant event for the Russian legal community, ended last week., The event has been annually organized by the International Association of procedural law – IAPL - for over 50 years and it is designed to provide a dialogue among scientists from different countries for the mutual enrichment of law and order - the exclusive remedy in terms of its effectiveness for real protection of rights and freedoms.

This year, the co-organizers of the event were the following: Faculty of law of the Moscow State University, Association of Lawyers of Russia, Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. It is noteworthy that for the first time, the conference organizers have chosen Russia as the host country. As our country is historically a link between Europe and Asia, the choice of IAPL largely determined the conference's theme - "Civil process in intercultural space: Eurasian context".

The conference began on September, 18 with a welcome speech of heads of Russian courts: Anton Ivanov, Chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and Vasily Nechayev, deputy chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Considerable interest during the first day of the event was also aroused by the speech of the world's leading (Prof. L. Cadieux, President of IAPL and prof. M. Storm, Honorary President of IAPL), and Russian processualists (Prof. V. Yakovlev, chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia and prof. M. Treushnikova, head of the Civil Procedure chair at the MSU).

The law firm ART DE LEX was presented the broadest composition of law counselor members: Mr. Magonya, managing partner, Evgeniy Arbuzov, a partner, head of Dispute Resolution and Mediation practices, Andrey Ageshin, a partner, Yaroslav Kulik, head of antitrust practice, Maxim Sokolinsky, a senior lawyer and Aleksey Tungusov, Anastasia Grishina and Ivan Korolev, lawyers.


"The introductory report of Professor Marcel Storm, in which he highlighted many issues very crucial for many procedural systems of the world, was very remarkable" - spoke Maxim Sokolinsky on the first day of the event.

Over the following days of the conference in the "President Hotel", where it was held, they actively discussed the status of procedural systems of more than twenty countries.

"It is worth to highlight the global scale of topics and speakers’ representation. Most of them are prominent practicing lawyers and authors of numerous scientific works, received at the conference an opportunity for open and friendly communication on both procedural and informal dispute resolution"- said Evgeniy Arbuzov.



The discussion on cultural dimension of group litigation was held on the last day of the conference – September 21. Dmitry Magonya during it said in its report «Prospects for the institute of class actions in the Russian civil procedure system» about the institute of class actions that is not properly developed in Russia.

«I liked the discussion of the last day of the Congress relating to the arbitration courts and allocation of general and key issues of the Russian judicial system. Largely agree with the speakers», - shared his impressions Aleksey Tungusov.



A gala dinner took place in the evening of the same day - a ceremonial completion of the event, in terms of which Dmitry Magonya, as the head of the company - an official partner of the event, got a gratitude for the support of the conference from representatives of the International Association of Procedural Law.

«I want to thank the reputable foreign processualists who found the opportunity to come this year to Moscow. Exchange of experience with recognized international experts within live communication - a unique opportunity for me and my Russian colleagues to enrich the knowledge of the process», – thanked the guests of the conference.