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Olga Savina

Partner, Advocate, Head of Restructuring and insolvency practice

Restructuring and Insolvency

ART DE LEX delivers a complete range of legal services to help Russian and foreign clients obtain the best possible results in financial restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. We serve both corporate legal entities and individuals.

The main goal of our practice is to help our clients take advantages of all available options and opportunities, even in the most complex restructuring and bankruptcy situations. Our experience working with leading foreign law firms and investigative services gives us special capabilities in transnational bankruptcies, including the location and seizure of assets located outside Russia.

We offer comprehensive support that spans the full range of the legal needs and interests of clients in reorganization and financial recovery procedures, bankruptcy restructuring, and creditors’ rights.

  • Сomprehensive support of creditors in reorganization and financial recovery procedures, bankruptcy restructuring
    • realistic advice and consultation about the feasibility of initiating bankruptcy proceedings, the legal impacts and risks, and the preparation and submission of an application for bankruptcy
    • coordination with financial experts to develop an accurate assessment of the debtor’s actual financial condition, as well as to detect signs of fictitious or artificially contrived bankruptcy and concealed assets
    • protection of the interests of the debtor and its controlling persons in creditor-initiated bankruptcy proceedings
    • protection of the regulator's decisions on the use of financial rehabilitation for credit institutions, and approval of the rehabilitation plan
    • legal support in procedures to appoint an arbitration manager
    • interaction with arbitration managers and other participants in insolvency proceedings, including those engaged in regulatory and supervisory functions
  • Warning bankruptcy protection from creditors
    • legal support to develop and implement strategies to prevent bankruptcy, such as plans for debt restructuring and refinancing
    • risk assessment of transactions involving individual assets of a suspected insolvency
    • legal support to the formation, negotiation, and execution of transactions made within the framework of restructuring, financial rehabilitation, and amicable agreements during the bankruptcy proceedings

Our recent projects

  • Comprehensive advice to one of the largest Russian private banks during its participation in the rehabilitation of another credit institution, which is one of the 50 largest Russian banks;
  • Consultation to a group of creditors of a Russian commercial bank, which is in the 100 largest Russian banks, during the bank's bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Representation of the interests of the state in bankruptcy proceedings by a bank, and related civil litigation, to challenge bankruptcy-related real estate transactions worth US$ 175 million
  • Development and implementation of strategies to protect one of the largest enterprises in the electrical industry in the Siberian region from creditors and to avoid bankruptcy; and
  • Advising one of the largest privately owned financial-industrial groups in the development and implementation of an action plan to recover assets that were illegally taken by supervisory officials and members of the government of one of the strategic enterprises of the Moscow region.
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