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Evgeny Arbuzov

Partner, Advocate, Head of Real Estate & Construction Practice

e-mail: Arbuzov@artdelex.ru

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Real Estate and Construction

Our knowledge, skills, and experience mean that we can support any type of property development at any stage of construction.

Real estate in Russia is a unique economic sector that requires the adaptation of transaction methods and standards that are commonplace in foreign markets to the rapidly evolving Russian legal environment. This requires perceptive planning, high levels of experience and expertise, and a practical business-like approach.

ART DE LEX works closely with experts in related disciplines, such as economic analysis, to thoroughly analyze the most complex situations, to identify potential risks at an early stage, and to avoid litigation.

Our experts have extensive experience in managing litigation and monitoring relevant developments in both Russian and foreign law. Our active role in the work of advisory boards of governmental agencies gives us access to first-hand information. We also regularly share knowledge and experience with our foreign colleagues by participating in international projects and legal organizations.

  • Property transactions
    • comprehensive assistance in all sale and purchase transactions, including those involving offshore companies or foreign law, to ensure the security of the transaction and tax optimization
    • leases, including sale-leaseback transactions
    • mortgages
  • Due diligence
    • legal due diligence with respect to property title documents
    • filing requests with competent authorities to ascertain whether a property is subject to any restrictions
    • resolving violations and mitigating risks
  • Privatization
    • liaising with competent authorities regarding privatization-related issues
    • legal assistance during the bidding process
    • legal assistance in connection with the purchase of a property at all stages of the privatization process
    • legal assistance during the property-registration stage
    • representing clients before courts in connection with privatization-related issues
  • Environmental law and subsoil resource management
    • legal assistance in the course of field exploitation at all stages–exploration, auction, production, and sale of mineral resources
    • securing subsoil use licenses
    • legal assistance in the course of tenders and auctions
    • liaising with the Ministry of Natural Resources and other competent authorities
    • drafting related documents and agreements
    • advising on issues connected with environmental law violations
  • Pre-trial procedures (mediation) and litigations
    • negotiating with client’s counterparties during pre-trial procedures (mediation)
    • development of litigation strategy
    • development of measures to be taken in connection with litigation, such as corporate restructuring
    • participation in litigation, including complex proceedings
    • monitoring compliance with court decisions
  • Land transactions
    • assistance in all types of transactions
    • approval of land plot boundaries, cadastral registration, and privatization
    • land recategorization or securing the approval of changes in the permitted use of a plot
    • comprehensive legal support in registering rights to timberlands as part of forests or other categories of land
  • Construction
    • providing comprehensive legal assistance to developers during the construction of any type of property, including greenfield and brownfield projects
    • liaising with competent authorities to arrange project approvals, building construction permits, commissioning of buildings, and occupancy permits
    • developing productive relationships among project owners, developers, and subcontractors
    • drafting and negotiating works contracts
    • legalization of properties erected without the requisite legal permits and approvals as well as arranging registration for such properties
  • Transactions involving cultural heritage sites
    • legal assistance for transactions involving cultural heritage sites, including privatization, sale, purchase, and leasing
    • legal assistance in having a site removed from the public register of cultural heritage sites to facilitate its renovation
    • legal assistance in securing approvals to adapt and renovate cultural heritage sites for contemporary use
  • Property management
    • negotiating agreements with infrastructure operators and public utilities
    • establishing, structuring, and managing property funds

Our recent projects

  • ART DE LEX provided comprehensive legal support to a client participating in large construction tenders as well as completing government contracts exceeding RUB 45 billion.
  • For one of the Moscow Region’s leaders in the infrastructure construction market, our firm structured transactions to sell shares exceeding RUB 30 billion, according to unofficial sources.
  • We structured investment transactions of RUB 10 billion to construct a residential neighborhood in excess of 350,000 sq. m. in Moscow.
  • On behalf of one of Russia’s largest development companies, our lawyers provided comprehensive legal support for the return of more than RUB 4 billion in investment funds.
  • We gave comprehensive legal support to a multi-jurisdictional transaction in order to acquire a class A office building exceeding RUB 1.5 billion from one of the largest foreign funds in Russia.
  • ART DE LEX structured a transaction to acquire approximately 12 hectares just outside of Moscow that exceeded RUB 900 million in order to set up production facilities for one of Russia’s largest construction holdings.
  • Our attorneys gave legal support for the transfer of cultural heritage structures, including the negotiation of favorable leases for several cultural properties in Moscow.
  • We implemented a group of measures to privatize a land plot in Moscow on behalf of a religious organization.
  • Our firm provided legal support to acquire a real estate investment structure in Germany that exceeded RUB 1 billion.
  • ART DE LEX represented a client during complex procedures to evaluate the actual market prices of several land plots resulting from cadastral price changes.
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