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Vakhtang Fedorov | conference “Corporate security, forensic and corporate conflicts”

“Corporate security, forensic and corporate conflicts”, a conference held by on 16 October, brought together the best practices of business protection in a situation of increased threat of economic crime risks.

Vakhtang Fedorov, Partner, Head of the ART DE LEX Criminal Law Practice, took part in the conference as the moderator and a speaker.

In his report Vakhtang dwelled on the correlation between forensic and criminal process. “Forensic procedures can be regulated taking into consideration internal corporate interests, unlike criminal proceedings, where businesses are practically unable to regulate anything: the authority belongs to state bodies. And while it is often enough for a business to identify a vulnerable link within the firm and confine itself, for example, to a dismissal, the task of criminal proceedings is bringing the offender to liability, with all negative consequences. However, today businesses often use the criminal law approach as the priority method of protecting their rights”, says Vakhtang Fedorov.

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