Our specialists quickly and effectively tackle “pressing” legal problems, analyze business processes, identify weak spots, and suggest preventive measures capable of heading off the possible risks.

Corporate Law and M&A

We advise Russian and foreign companies about corporate law and M&A matters,

Antitrust Regulation

We consult about antitrust and competition protection by representing companies from different

Real Estate and Construction

We solve complex issues related to rights to real estate objects and

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

We deliver a full range of dispute resolution services in Russian courts,

Restructuring and Bankruptcy

We provide a full range of support to our clients in restructuring

Intellectual Property

We provide complex legal support for intellectual property issues.

International Economic Compliance

We consult to clients about the constant risks to their businesses as

International Arbitration

We represent both Russian and Foreign clients in international disputes.

Criminal Law Practice Area

We represent companies and their affiliates, as well as private individuals, in

Comprehensive Management of Distressed Assets

We conduct financial investigations, asset tracing, challenge transactions, and organize the complex

Energy and Natural Resources

We advise our clients about energy and natural resources issues and help

International Focus

We have specialized divisions that work closely on matters of legal support

Banking and Finance

With a successful 17-year track record in the financial and banking industry,

Sports law

The ART DE LEX team has been consulting sports organisations, sportspeople and