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Dispute Resolution and Mediation

17 years

Of winning for our clients

The collision of the economic interests of different parties is one of the most daunting and complex problems in the provision of legal support for business. The person tasked with representing their client in court must have a deep and penetrating understanding not only of the legal aspects of dispute resolution, but also of the sector-specific nuances of the business at hand.

Dispute resolution and mediation is one of the firm’s core practice areas, focusing on work in those spheres where legal regulation can be both contradictory and problematic. The ART DE LEX team offers a full range of dispute-resolution services in the Russian courts, the courts of foreign jurisdiction and at international arbitration centers, inspiring the entry of precedent-setting decisions in many of the cases that they have handled. The practice’s attorneys have amassed successful experience representing the interests of the firm’s clients at the RF Supreme Court.

ART DE LEX deftly handles multifaceted and challenging litigation dealing with investment-, credit-, contract-, leasing- and mortgage-related legal relations, as well as corporate disputes and conflicts involving the recovery of stripped assets, including within the scope of standalone disputes under bankruptcy procedures.

ART DE LEX is recognized as a leader in the handling of complex economic disputes by the Pravo.Ru-300 ranking of the top law firms. The practice’s attorneys and jurists are recommended by the international rankings The Legal 500 and Best Lawyers.

Aside from defending the interests of our clients in court, we are also proficient at ironing out disagreements under out-of-court procedures. We consult and support our clients under mediation and always recommend seeking the pre-litigation resolution of disputes, particularly in the course of corporate conflicts, insofar as the existence of a conflict can take a toll on the company’s reputation, lead to the outflow of investments and provoke bankruptcy. With the aid of a mediator, the conflict can often be resolved confidentially and as advantageously as possible for all parties involved. 

Our client list includes public and private banks, insurance and investment companies, industrial enterprises and businesses in the service sector, state corporations and construction holdings.

Professional achievements of the practice area

The international ranking The Legal 500 recommends ART DE LEX in the field of Dispute Resolution Litigation.

The Legal 500

The international ranking Best Lawyers names ART DE LEX managing partner Dmitry Magonya and practice-area head Artur Zurabyan as some of the best jurists in the field of dispute resolution and mediation, citing Dmitry Magonya once again in the field of international arbitration.

Best Lawyers

ART DE LEX is recognized as a leader in the handling of complex economic disputes by the law-firm ranking Pravo.Ru-300.


ART DE LEX is highlighted in Kommersant newspaper’s ranking of Russian law firms in the field of investment, financial and antimonopoly disputes and conflicts in the banking sphere.


Kommersant’s individual rating of attorneys cites ART DE LEX managing partner Dmitry Magonya as a leading expert in the resolution of commercial disputes, and practice-area head Artur Zurabyan in the same capacity in the resolution of corporate disputes.


Defending the interests of Korea’s leading aerospace corporation, Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), in litigation over the recovery of damages and a ban on aircraft sales on the internal and external markets.

Successful case  

Defending the interests of the creditor – the investment wing of one of the country’s largest state banks – in a dispute over the recognition of certain transactions (7 settlement-and-release agreements) concluded in the run-up to bankruptcy procedures worth a total of RUB 2 bln.

Successful case  

Defending the interests of a large group of construction companies in a dispute with the Russian subsidiary of France’s CECAB under certain construction contracts. In handling the dispute, our attorneys developed unique mechanisms for defending the client’s rights through arbitration at the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry and prevented damages in the amount of RUB 80 mln.

Successful case  

Defending the interests of a leading Russian contractor in the field of infrastructure construction in a dispute over contractual liability for breach of the deadline for the performance of a state contract for the construction of an infrastructure facility in Moscow worth RUB 7.1 bln.

Successful case  

Representing the interests of a bailed-out bank in litigation initiated by the bank’s shareholders with the aim of challenging certain transactions involving interbank lending in an amount exceeding RUB 39 bln.

Successful case  


Dispute resolution

The practice encompasses the exhaustive handling of litigation, including procedures involving the performance of acts issued by the state courts, the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards, the recovery of court costs, and the handling of levies of execution.

  • Investment disputes and disputes in the area of real estate and construction
  • Commercial disputes
  • Rental, leasing and mortgage disputes
  • Corporate disputes and disputes in the area of securities trading
  • Disputes in the sphere of banking and lending relations
  • Disputes in the field of insurance
  • Disputes involving bankruptcy and the recovery of debt
  • Disputes with state regulators, tax agencies and the antimonopoly authorities
  • Disputes in the field of IP and copyright protection


Defending transactions involving the purchases by the owners of properties in a premium-class cottage development from a developer of infrastructure facilities, valued at over RUB 3 bln, which were concluded in the run-up to the developer’s bankruptcy.

Representing the interests of Moscow Region’s leader in the field of infrastructure construction in a dispute with the Moscow City Construction Department stemming from a state contract for for the breach of work-completion deadlines in the amount of RUB 7.1 bln.

Providing comprehensive legal support in the disputes of a major leasing company to shield the lessor from the bad-faith collection of cash funds on general civil or bankruptcy grounds. The total amount of shielded assets exceeded EUR 10 mln.

Comprehensive legal protection of the leading Russian elevator equipment manufacturing company with a 60-year history from attempts to raider capture corporate and operational control.

Support of the procedure of one of the largest bank reorganization in the history of Russia (4-5 place taking into account a loan to an investor in the amount of RUB 19.5 bln). The bank itself takes 46th place in the TOP-200 of Russian banks in terms of net assets and capital.

Defending the interests of the insured person in a dispute with an insurance company on the qualification of the terms of the contract and determining the occurrence of the insured event. Potential losses amounted to RUB 30 mln.

Advising on the temporary administration of a bank, formed by the Deposit Insurance Agency, challenging during the bailout a series of 17 sham transactions, concluded by the bank’s previous management, as cover for a suspicious transaction involving the provision of financing in the amount of RUB 300 mln to the bank’s controlling shareholder.

Protecting the interests of the largest dairy factory in a dispute with the tax authority on the additional charge of tax in the amount of RUB 200 mln.

Out-оf-court dispute resolution and mediation

Our expertise lets us offer the client both the identification and prevention of procedural risks, as well as the pre-litigation and out-of-court resolution of disputes, including through the use of mediation. 



Pre-litigation resolution of disagreements with the subcontractor concerning the scope of completed work in the amount of RUB 80 bln within the scope of construction of the Kaliningrad regasification terminal.

Pre-litigation resolution of a dispute under the construction contract of a leader in the infrastructure industry. Total claims amounted to RUB 582 mln.

Defense of the interests of a major customer on the Russian real estate market under the resolution of a dispute involving the recovery of debt under certain loan agreements in the amount of RUB 4 bln.


Artur Zurabyan
Partner, Advocate, Head of the Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration Practices
Anastasia Vasilenko
Advocate, Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration Practices
Dmitry Magonya
Managing Partner, Advocate, Head of International Economic Compliance
Eduard Bekeschenko
Partner, Head of the Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration Practices