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Artur Zurabyan | comments for RBC: “Rosneft” starts drilling in the Kara Sea

Head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin reported to Vladimir Putin the start of well drilling in two fields in the Kara Sea in July. In 2014,  “Rosneft” cooperated there with the US “Exxon”.


Artur Zurabyan, Head of the ART DE LEX Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration Practice Art De Lex notes that even in case of onshore drilling, oil companies tend to rent their equipment. But in case of drilling with the help of rented equipment, “Rosneft” could hardly be brought to liability for violation of sanction, since it would require proving an intention to circumvent the sanctions and awareness of the American technological component, notes the lawyer, stressing that the main consequences in such situation would pose a threat to the lessors. As an exclusion from this rule, he mentions an investigation by US authorities against Gazpromneft and its Prirazlomnaya platform.


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