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ART DE LEX and the ZKS Law Office held a business breakfast

On 26 April 2019, ART DE LEX, in cooperation with the ZKS Law Office, held a business breakfast.

The speakers informed the guests about effective mechanisms for detecting and counteracting the falsification of evidence in the arbitration (civil) process. They also shared methods for combating dubious documents and addressed the topic of criminal liability for falsifying evidence.

The speakers from ART DE LEX were Artur Zurabyan, an attorney-at-law and head of the firm’s Dispute Resolution and Mediation Practice, Yuliy Rovinsky, an attorney-at-law, and Alexey Anufrienko, an attorney-at-law in the Criminal Practice. Sergey Malyukin, an attorney-at-law and partner of ZKS, spoke on behalf of the ZKS Law Firm.

During the discussion, the participants considered current examples of court forgery, the trends in evidence regarding forgery, and the most effective methods to combat document fraud. The speakers enjoyed sharing their experiences and answering the guests’ questions, and before anyone realized it, lunch time had arrived!

We thank the guests for participating in the event, and we look forward to seeing you again!