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Moscow industrial–It’s a go!

As usual, the ART DE LEX law firm took part in the Forum of Moscow real estate leaders #MREF2018.

Evgeny Arbuzov, a partner at ART DE LEX, spoke at Moscow industrial, one of the key sessions. The moderator was Lubov Tsvetkova, the chairman of the board of the Moscow Investors Association. In attendance were representatives of the Moscow authorities, such as Yuliana Knyazhevskaya, the chairman of the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow, and Dmitry Kuznetsov, the head of the Investment Analysis Department of the Agency for Industrial Development of Moscow, which is a State Budgetary Institution Agency. Also present was Mark Groysman, a representative of one of the largest development and construction companies. The participants discussed issues about the development of Moscow’s industrial zones and were unanimous in their opinion that the industrial areas are in need of redevelopment. Progress should go in two directions:

A number of territories should remain industrial, which will ensure that they continue creating jobs, meeting modern environmental requirements, providing high-tech production, and furnishing products necessary for the residents of the city (foodstuffs, essential goods, etc.).

Other areas should provide multifunctional development, and it is necessary to ensure that the ratio of housing, public, and business development is balanced.

Evgeny Arbuzov dealt with the legal regulation of redevelopment. Recent legislation has taken a big step in settling questions about the development of territories. Federal law No. 373, which is in force, provides stimulus packages for property owners and capital construction firms to develop industrial zones. At the federal level and in Moscow, there now are laws regulating the procedures for developing industrial zones. The executive authorities of Moscow also are active. They implemented the first three pilot projects for the complex development of industrial zones.

The participants of the discussion recognized a positive trend in the development of industrial zones in Moscow, and they expressed the hope that, in the coming years, city residents will see the results of these efforts.

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