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Yaroslav Kulik, a partner at ART DE LEX, has contributed to the publication titled The scientific-practical commentary to the Federal Law on “The Protection of Competition”

The scientific-practical commentary to the Federal Law on “The Protection of Competition” brings together commentaries of leading lawyers and economists who professionally deal with the antitrust regulation. The publishing firm Statute released the compilation under the direction of the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, Igor Artemyev.

Yaroslav Kulik, a partner and the head of the Competition Practice of ART DE LEX as well as a member of the General Council of the Non-Commercial Partnership “Promoting Competition,” coauthored articles dealing with the prohibition of anti-competitive acts and actions (or inaction) of the federal executive authorities and state authorities of the Russian Federation. He also contributed to articles dealing with the antitrust requirements for trading, price quotations for commodities, requests for proposals, the peculiarities of the contract execution regarding public and municipal property, as well as financial institutions and antitrust cases.

This commentary presents a balanced view on many contentious issues arising from the application of the Federal Law on “Protection of Competition,” and reflects the latest trends in Russian and international antitrust practice. It takes into account all the recent changes and presents legal views on current issues of law-enforcement.

The volume is of interest to practicing lawyers, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to everyone interested in the Russian antimonopoly regulation.

To order the book, please visit the website of the publisher Staut