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PUBLIC TALKS: The Federal Tax Service pledge status in the new bankruptcy bill

PUBLIC TALKS: We are talking about the consequences for creditors whom the FTS classifies as having pledge status in the new bankruptcy bill.

Olga Savina – partner and head the Restructuring and Bankruptcy Practice at the ART DE LEX law firm
Sergey Zavyalov – head of the Judicial Protection Department of Promsvyazbank

What's involved?:

  • The reasons for the occurrence of pledges and their order. When will a previous pledge be in effect and when will a subsequent pledge take effect?
  • Under what conditions will the Federal Tax Service become a previous pledge holder?
  • What type of property cannot be pledged?
  • Will the application of Paragraph 2.1 of Article 73 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation result in the recognition of the rights of a pledge creditor, as provided for in Articles 18.1 and 138 of the Bankruptcy Law, by the authorized body in bankruptcy cases, taking into account the approach of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation regarding “seized pledges?”
  • We will learn about terminating a pledge after a pledge holder refuses to keep its terms.

Viewing time: 30 minutes.