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Yaroslav Kulik and Kirill Dozmarov took part in a joint meeting of FAS Russia and the Association of Antimonopoly Experts

On 3 March 2017, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) and the Association of Antimonopoly Experts held a joint meeting.

The issues covered at the session included the FAS Russia’s instructions for dealing with confidential information, the explanations on procedures for assessing trades during bankruptcy, the problems of tariff regulation, and the methods for calculating losses resulting from violations of antimonopoly legislation. Those at the meeting also received an updated version of the 2017-2019 National Competition Development Plan.

Igor Artemyev, the head of the FAS Russia, opened the meeting. He presented honorary diplomas and expressed his appreciation for special efforts to ensure the freedom of competition and effective protection of entrepreneurship to some members of the association, including Yaroslav Kulik, a partner and the head of the competition practice of ART DE LEX.

Representing the Federal Antimonopoly Service, in addition to Igor Artemyev, were Sergey Puzyrevsky, the deputy head of FAS Russia, and Artem Molchanov, the head of the Legal Department of FAS Russia.

Alexey Rodionov, Oleg Moskvitin, Natalia Korosteleva, and Maria Kobanenko represented the Association of Antimonopoly Experts.

The Association of Antimonopoly Experts (formerly Nonprofit Partnership “Promotion of Competition”) is a platform for the formation of a consolidated position, on the part of the business community and the state, regarding regulations in the field of competition development. The purpose of the association is to facilitate the interaction between FAS Russia and the legal community in such areas as:

• the formation of effective practices regarding the application of antimonopoly legislation; and

• rule-making activities regarding competition.