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ART DE LEX lawyers to play at the Eurasian Cartel Forum on 24 November 2017

The business game covers the entire process that an antimonopoly authority undertakes as it investigates the collusion of a cross-border cartel in all jurisdictions. In this contest, the participants have no predetermined positions. They all are free to build their own lines of argument, and the basis of the “court decision” will be a comprehensive assessment of the arguments and evidence.
Delegates to the conference will witness spectacular staging. Participants of the investigation will work out their strategy in public and will imitate the behavior of real-life characters, such as those in a company accused of collusion, attorneys in law firms, and antimonopoly authorities, as they offer their own variations of how the events developed.
The session titled “The Company files an application for exemption from liability with the antimonopoly authority” will take place as a dialogue between the representatives of theantimonopoly authority, the external legal advisor of the suspect company (the role of ART DE LEX partner Yaroslav Kulik), and the head of the firm’s legal service (Fatima Konieva, advisor to the Department for Combating Cartels of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, will play this character).
The final session will be an impromptu trial, with all its attributes: debates among the parties, the testimonies of witnesses, and the announcement of the court decision, which will be the result of a majority vote. Judges who disagree with the decision will have the opportunity to express a dissenting opinion. One of the voices in court will be Kirill Dozmarov, the head of the Antitrust Practice of ART DE LEX, who will play a high-ranking representative of the Eurasian Auto Sales Syndicate. In the course of the game, the delegates of the Eurasian Cartel Forum will discuss the main
trends, practical aspects, and various problems associated with the application of cartel law in different jurisdictions, within the framework of a cross-border investigation. During an open roundtable discussion at the conclusion of the event, the participants will outline the prospects for the development of legislation and practical steps in the fight against cross-border cartels. Numerous corporate lawyers will be forum delegates and will benefit from the event. The Eurasian Cartel Forum conference will take place on 24 November 2017 at the Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel in Moscow. The Association of Non-Profit Partnership for the Promotion of Competition in the CIS is organizing the event, with the support of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service. The co-chairs of the forum are Andrei Tsarikovsky, the state secretary and deputy head of the FAS of Russia, and Vasily Rudomino, the chairman of the board of the Non-Profit Partnership for Promotion of Competition in the CIS. 

Information about the Eurasian Cartel Forum is here.