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ART DE LEX has prepared a client bulletin titled “The future of Crimea”

The ART DE LEX law firm has prepared a client bulletin that considers the economic future of Crimea as part of the Russian Federation. The focus is on the federal target program for Crimea that outlines a complete range of economic development involving more than RUB 650 billion (USD 17.1 billion) from federal budgets through 2020. The expectation is that Crimea will experience a threefold GRP growth by 2020 and no longer will need federal assistance by 2017.

The analysis examines several major economic areas of interest to potential investors: water, transportation, infrastructure, energy, waste management, aviation, and hospitality. The bulletin also contains information about the special economic zone, with its special tax incentives for residents and investors, and plans for a world-class gambling zone.

Click here for the full text of “The future of Crimea.”