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Dmitry Magonya spoke at the conference on “Law Firm Economics” that organized

On 19 December, Ararat Park Hyatt hosted a conference on “The Law Firm Economics: Resetting.”

The event was a unique platform for partners and legal department representatives of the largest law firms to discuss, through open dialogue, significant changes in the “rules of the game” in the legal business.

Dmitry Magonya, the managing partner of ART DE LEX and the head of the firm’s International Economic Compliance Practice, took part in the discussion and spoke at the session titled “The Superlawyer in the Modern World.”

Mr. Magonya shared his vision about a lawyer’s professional development, noting that “without a knowledge of the language, the lawyer simply cannot work with other jurisdictions. Against the backdrop of a dynamic market, a deep and narrow specialization is growing in value. That means a lawyer must be an expert not only in the law but also in the business of his or her client.”

More about the event is available here.