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Google dispute on non-transparency of blockings at YouTube transferred to October

The Commercial Court of Moscow postponed till 11 October consideration of Google LLC petition, challenging the legality of the decision of the FAS of Russia, which declared the American company a violator of the Russian antitrust law because of non-transparent blockings at YouTube.

Commenting the FAS decision, Dmitry Magonya, Managing Partner of ART DE LEX Law Firm, who represented the interests of ROTSIT, earlier said to RIA Novosti that «the case became the first in the global practice antitrust litigation in the video hosting market» and «the FAS made a precedent-setting decision that may move the goalposts globally».

According to him, abuse consisted in fixing in the user agreement conditions that allowed Google, without any legal or other grounds, to block and delete users’ accounts and content, in many cases without a notice or a possibility to establish the reason for blocking.

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