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ART DE LEX has a new partner!

The ART DE LEX Law Firm is pleased to announce that Olga Savina has become a partner in the firm and the head of the Restructuring and Bankruptcy Practice.

Dmitry Magonya, the managing partner of ART DE LEX, said that “Olga Savina’s promotion is linked to ART DE LEX’s plans to further strengthen its expertise in bankruptcy and to expand its presence in this segment of the legal services market. Olga’s management experience, along with her outstanding analytical, litigation, and social skills, undoubtedly will have a significant impact on the further development of the practice and the firm as a whole.”

Mr. Magonya added that, with Ms. Savina “joining our team as an in-house lawyer, we have an additional opportunity to see ourselves through our client’s eyes and to understand how those for whom we work think and what they want. She contributes to our business development strategy, which is to strengthen our position in the market, increase market development, and expand our services.”

Prior to joining ART DE LEX, Olga Savina worked as a vice president of JSC “Ingeokom Association,” one of the largest construction and investment holdings in Russia. She graduated from Moscow State Regional University and then completed a postgraduate course at the Russian State University of Civil Engineering. She holds an LLM (Commercial Law) degree. Finally, Ms. Savina is the author of numerous scientific publications in the field of commercial arbitration.

  “During my professional career,” explained Ms. Savina, “I have worked both in consulting and as an in-house manager of the legal department of a large construction firm. My background allows me to see the whole picture. My experience with a large number of bankruptcy cases includes representing the interests of creditors, debtors, owners, and management of many firms in various industries.”

  “I am sure that my diverse experience will allow me to solidify ART DE LEX’s position as a company offering effective and timely intellectual solutions in the field of bankruptcy and restructuring,” noted Ms. Savina. “It is a great pleasure for me to be part of the ART DE LEX team.”