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Artur Zurabyan | comments for "Business Petersburg": Judicial disputes left Petrogradsky district with no road maintenance

This year, Petrogradsky district will be left without road maintenance. The company that had torpedoed the government contract was prepared to solicit a truce — if it had been offered a subcontract.

“The decision on the case is, if not precedent-setting, then just very rare for the Russian law practice. Not only was the applicant able to obtain injunctive remedies and suspend the performance of the contract, but it also managed to invalidate the contract awarded to the tender winner. The only argument that can bring a positive effect for the appellants is that the contract has already been concluded and the applicant in the case does not say that it could have offered better conditions”,  commented Zurabyan for the “BP”.

The full version of the article is available on “Business Petersburg” website.