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Artur Zurabian | comments for the Advokatskaya Gazeta: the Moscow City Bar reminded of inadmissibility of an attorney providing legal assistance in under conflict-of-interest conditions

Attorney, Head of Litigation and International Arbitration at ART DE LEX Artur Zurabian believes that in the case under consideration the Moscow City Bar Council confirms the consistent practice that an attorney cannot act in a situation of a conflict of interest between partners (groups of partners), if such attorney previously represented the interests of both partners. «In such case, it is irrelevant, whether the obligation for professional secrecy was fulfilled during provision of legal services in the situation of a conflict of interests. To be more specific, it is relevant, but only as a sign of aggravation of the same offence. In this case, judging by the texts of judicial acts considered at a cassation court session, where Attorney К. represented the interests of one of the parties of the conflict, the presence of insider information could have substantial significance for a downward move of the asserted claims in order of priority. Given that, the use of such insider information does not have to follow directly from judicial acts – most importantly, the opponents should know, where and how «to dig»», — he commented. 

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