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Look out! A cultural heritage site may be hidden!

After the conclusion of the third annual conference on “Development and construction: Legal issues, 2018,” the newspaper published an article on the issues the speakers raised: changes in the legislation on equity participation in construction, the problems of a unified information system for housing construction, the disclosure of developers’ beneficiaries, mechanisms to reduce cadastral value, and problems related to irregularities in judicial practice.

The editorial staff of noted the presentation of Alexander Petrov, a lawyer in the Real Estate and Construction Practice of the ART DE LEX law firm:

Alexander Petrov, lawyer of the Real Estate and Construction Practice of Art de Lex, explained that it is possible to check whether construction is permissible in a certain place. To do this, one needs to open any online map, pinpoint the location, open the Land Use and Building Rules (LRL), and find the desired area. Protected areas in the LRL are shaded. This is enough to make sure that the zone is not protected at the time of inspection. However, Petrov revealed another secret. For planned construction in the capital, it is possible to enter Moscow’s governmental portal, which contains information about recently designated cultural sites. Until they are protected, construction can proceed, but by the time all the construction documents are complete, the zone already may be closed. One should remember that the minimum distance around a cultural heritage site is 100 meters.

Among the participants of the conference, which took place in the Marriott Grand Hotel on 17 October 2018, were representatives from the most significant firms in the real estate and construction markets, including MR Group, INTECO, Kortros, Crocus Group, Don-Stroy Invest, Barkli, AB Development, ALCON Development, Accent Real Estate, and DSK-1.

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