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Amazon lost to a cybersportsman

Commercial Court of the city of Moscow attached the property of the IT giant Amazon for 3 billion roubles. This was an injunctive remedy under a lawsuit by cybersportsman Kirill Malofeev. He brought a court action for the reason of blocking of his account in Twitch, a social network owned by the Jeff Bezos company. This happened back in April, after Mr Malofeev fell under the USA sanctions.

What will be the consequences for the defendant foreign companies? Dmitry Magonya, Managing Partner of the ART DE LEX Law Firm says that it is the duty of bailiffs to look for Amazon property, the court is not obliged to find out whether there is any such property in Russia: «This will become clear on the basis of the results of investigative actions to be performed by bailiffs within the scope of the enforcement proceedings».

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