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Switzerland removes sanctions from «Eurochem»

The Swiss government has removed sanctions from Eurochem - a major international player in the mineral fertilizers market, the Tages Anzeiger reported on 22 May. Eurochem has become the first Russian company for which sanctions were eased after a change in the list of owners.

Grounds for imposition and cancellation of sanctions have no clear-cut framework, the relevant decisions may be taken by their initiator on the basis of their own economic interests, noted ART DE LEX Managing Partner Dmitry Magonya. According to him, decrease of control by a sanctioned person became the excuse for sanction pressure ease, as it happened earlier with UC Rusal, but this «by no means is a general rule». «Finally, the sanctions initiator shall make all decisions independently, since sanction struggle has become one of the main instruments of global competition in the economy», - said the lawyer to the Vedomosti.

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