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A team of students successfully passed the 1st stage of the RAA Contest

On February 1, 2022, registration opened for the VII RAA Online Arbitration Contest. This year, the teams will have to deal with a challenging case that involves international supply issues, as well as regulatory changes to alcohol labeling requirements and a major media scandal!

The contest consists of three stages:

  1. Selection of teams by procedural documents (submission of a statement of claim), with each educational institution having the right to conduct an internal selection within this stage.
  2. Online rounds.
  3. Oral Hearing.

On April 5, 2022 a team of students from Law and Private Law educational programs (Maria Sorokina, Maria Saldugei, Andrey Kobzov, Maria Eremenko, Luisa Shams) successfully passed the selection for the RAA Contest thus passing the first stage, according to the results of the internal selection of the Higher School of Economics!

The students have been training under the guidance of experienced lawyers, including the Sergey Zhuk, the lawyer at ART DE LEX.

The team continues to prepare for the online rounds.

Good luck!