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Alexander Petrov spoke at the conference titled “Development and construction: Legal issues, 2018” holds an annual conference to discuss legal issues in the fields of development and construction. Constant changes in legislation and judicial practice present new challenges to practicing lawyers, requiring them find alternative solutions to problems and prompting them to consider regulatory developments in the early stages of projects.

On 17 October 2018, representatives of business and legal departments of developers as well as practicing lawyers of consulting and legal firms gathered at the Marriott Grand Hotel in Moscow to discuss a whole range of issues pertaining to development and contracting.

During the second session of the conference, which examined current issues in the regulation of the construction industry, Alexander Petrov discussed the peculiarities of obtaining information about urban planning restrictions related to cultural heritage sites that may be in the vicinity of land parcels and capital construction projects. He outlined a range of legal options for reducing the impact of such restrictions and described other legal mechanisms for dealing with cultural heritage sites.