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The Association of Antimonopoly Experts reelected Yaroslav Kulik as a member of its General Council

On 16 March 2017, at their annual general meeting, the members of the Association of Antimonopoly Experts held elections to the General Council, the association’s executive body.

Yaroslav Kulik, a partner and the head of the antimonopoly practice at the ART DE LEX law firm, was reelected as a member of the General Council. The members of the association also elected Denis Gavrilov, an advisor at Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and Partners, Oleg Moskvitin, a partner of Muranov, Chernyakov and Partners, and Sergei Voichenko, the head of the Department of Regulatory Risk Management at PAO MTS, as members of the General Council.

The Association of Antimonopoly Experts (formerly the Nonprofit Partnership “Promotion of Competition”) is a platform for the formation of a consolidated position, on the part of the business community and the state, with respect to regulations in the field of competition development. The purpose of the association is to facilitate the interaction, between FAS Russia and the legal community, in such areas as:

• the formation of effective practices for the application of antimonopoly legislation; and

• rule-making activities regarding competition.