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Google Forced To Pay A Forfeit To Tsargrad

The forfeit paid by Google to Tsargrad TV channel, was enforced. Bailiffs seized Google funds in the amount of 1 billion rubles and transferred them to Tsargrad TV channel as a penalty for failure to non-compliance with court decision, Dmitry Magonya, Managing Partner of ART DE LEX law firm, who represents the interests of the TV channel’s owner in court, told TASS on Friday.

«The information is reliable. Google paid the forfeit, but did so forcibly - the bailiffs seized and transferred the funds to the TV channel,» he said.

The amount is so hefty due the fact that the initial court-ordered penalty was growing exponentially every week, explained the lawyer.

«The original forfeit amount was being doubled every week. This means 100 thousand rubles in the first week, then 200 thousand daily in the second week, then 400 thousand daily in the third week, and so on, until the amount reaches one billion rubles. Upon reaching this «plateau», a six-month respite is given for Google to try and do something to renew the YouTube contract. After the six month, the penalty growing resumes, this time without any respites. As calculated by Google, somewhere within the next six months the amount would reach the astronomical sum of one hundred trillion rubles. Such a magic». - the laywer.

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