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ART DE LEX completed structuring of relations between OLTRI and Artsana Group to distribute mother and child care products

In the interests of OLTRI, a team of ART DE LEX lawyers, under the leadership of one of the firm’s partners, Yaroslav Kulik, completed a complex structuring for strategic long-term cooperation with the group Artsana to distribute mother and child care products.

According to executive director of OLTRI, Andrey Trofimov, this partnership became possible due to the unique expertise of the two companies. OLTRI has core competencies in developing high-quality distribution as well as innovative marketing technologies to shape the views of Russian consumers, while Artsana is one of the world leaders in the production of a unique assortment of goods for children. The deal will enable both companies to create a synergy to implement a common development strategy.

Sergey Mihienkov, the General Director of Artsana RUS, said, “the market of the Customs Union opens up great opportunities for the development of the CHICCO brand for the broadest range of products. The category of products for babies and mothers is essential to Artsana since these products are a start for a consumer to get acquainted with the world of the CHICCO brand. That is why the company carefully chooses partners for products in the category for babies and mothers. For 20 years, OLTRI has created an impressively effective system to move a brand to the highest level of popularity. That is why we can say, with confidence, that the strategic partnership between our companies will help CHICCO, in the near future, become one of the leaders in the market segment for newborns and mothers and give new impetus to the development of other product categories in the company’s portfolio.”

Artsana RUS is a subdivision of the Italian corporation ARTSANA SpA (Italy). ARTSANA SpA is a multinational corporation, established in 1946, and is widely represented throughout the world. In 1958, the corporation established the CHICCO brand, which is one of the leaders in the market of goods for children. Today, the company is a diversified holding company that has successfully developed a variety of business areas: products for children, medical supplies, and retail goods for prenatal care. In the Russian market, the CHICCO brand has several categories of goods for breast and bottle feeding, walks, home and automobile safety, toys, as well as children’s clothes and shoes.

OLTRI is one of the key distributors, in the Russian market, of children’s goods. The company’s portfolio includes products for expectant mothers, accessories for feeding infants, as well as various items, care products, and high-tech appliances for the home that help parents care for children. For 20 years in the Russian market, the company has developed a reputation of having a unique system of distribution, logistics, and marketing. In 2015, the Association of producers of goods for children named OLTRI the company of the year.