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Alexander Petrov comments for "Business Petersburg": A land dispute and a troubled plant: major lawsuits of the week in Saint-Petersburg

“Stroysvyazural 1 Ltd.” vs. “Stremberg CJSC”

Attorney of the ART DE LEX Real Estate and Construction Practice Alexander Petrov notes that this litigation is a simple dispute on losses, based on a violated right of the defendant for deriving income from his property: “Such lawsuits are rather rare in the court practice, because, as a rule, relations between co-investors in constructing commercial and leisure property are more transparent, and no serious problems arise with determination of  shares in the title for the constructed property. I suppose that filing a claim with the court in this case was caused by the fact that the agreement was not performed for withdrawal from the project of one of the investors — “Stroysvazural 1 Ltd.” with compensation of its expenses”.

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