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Artur Zurabian | comments for the «Advokatskaya Gazeta»: Does a bank’s failure to provide to the controlling body Taxpayer Identification Numbers (INNs) of its clients’ representatives result in revocation of the license?

Attorney, Head of Litigation and International Arbitration at ART DE LEX Artur Zurabian indicated a Central Bank omission at the stage of bank examination and case consideration at the court of the first instance. «The point is that violations revealed by the CBR and made the basis for revocation of the license were quite a disputable foundation for imposition of such a severe sanction. At the same time, as follows from power instances’ judicial acts, the CBR order does not contain any other violations. At the same time, according to the directive of the Bank of Russia, this field is to be populated, if the information is present. As stated the decision of the Commercial Court of Moscow, this field is for reference only and has no impact on the ability to control payments being made», — he said.

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